Different enterprises have different set of strengths, but we proudly claim to have the biggest strength in the form of our mentors. They are distinct learned personalities, but have a few bits common amongst them. They are:

Dedicated- Each mentor is completely dedicated towards the objective of bringing out the best of each student.

Seasoned- The mentors possess rich and relevant experience in the field of real education. They not only know how to impart learning, but know how to maintain a balance where strengths of each individual student varies from another in a big way. They are truly seasoned in mentoring every kind of student and they treat each student in a unique manner.

Passionate- Our mentors have an undying passion to bring about better ways of spreading knowledge. They wear a smile and have spark in their eyes which can be seen clearly round the year and any hour of the day.

Keen Learners- They love to learn and have no qualms in picking up any new topic which may be termed as terra incognita to them. The best part is that they pick up new things and master it within no time. However, their desire to learn more and more seldom satiates.

Pals for all and Forever- Our mentors are true friends of each and every student. These innocent ones simply love to share all their dreams and problems with their mentor friends. What is simply interesting to observe is their bonding of sharing and caring which deepens with every passing day.

The school plays its role and takes every possible measure to provide them the best experience and exposure through a range of of workshops, interactive sessions, seminars undertaken by experts from various walks of life on varied topics of relevance and significance.